New Consortium Hopes

With eighty percent of vision loss and blindness being treatable it is frustrating that high quality eye care  is still such a rare commodity for many millions across the world.Now a massive investment grant totaling seven million pounds will allow a Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium to be formed which will chase for eye health research and build international relations across the commonwealth with the coordinating assistance of the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.The funds have been granted by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust and are putting their faith in the hands of many well respected eye health organisations to deliver a new program that aims to build and strengthen existing health systems making eye care more accessible and available.The roll out of the Consortium's program will include training and fellowships for the people that work within the sector.

Educating the people to further understand avoidable blindness and the tactics required to fight it and an important roll out of technology ( such as  the Portable Eye Examination Kit ) for early detection of conditions.