New Topcon TRC-NW400 With Fully Automated Features

New Topcon TRC-NW400 With Fully Automated Features

Tired of the time it takes to photograph the interior surface of the eye with your fundus/retinal camera? Irritated by the process of align, centre and focus? Topcon believe they have a retinal/fundus camera that might just solve those problems for you with the launch of its new Topcon TRC-NW400, with fully automatic features.

Topcon is a manufacturer of optical equipment for ophthalmologists, based in Tokyo, Japan. One of its major stock holders is the technology giant, Toshiba. Topcon produce a wide range of products for the optics market including devices for diagnostic imaging, lens meters, surgical lasers, opticians furniture and much more.

The non-mydriatic fundus camera, TRC-NW400, now offers time saving features to automate the process of photographing the interior of the eye. Automatic functions include capture, focus and alignment. The device will also move from one eye to the next when both are being analysed.

  • No computer required
    Options to save directly to EMR or a remote server
  • Rotating touch screen panel
    Space saving features to allow the operator to stand to the side, behind or front of patient
  • DICOM compliant
    Connections for digital capture
  • Simple to use
    No previous training required. Straightforward instructions allows virtually anyone to operate the unit

Further information is available direct from Topcon Europe.

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