Not just a Skin Condition?

Ocular rosacea is related to the skin condition rosacea.  It is linked with inherited tendencies and environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, the menopause or prolonged alcohol usage..

It more frequently get diagnosed in more women than men although there is no definitive study to indicate just how many people have eye or eyelid problems when diagnosed with the skin condition.

Reports say the number of rosacea patients  who also suffer from eye symptoms could be as high as 60 percent but in recent studies it was said that a far lower percentage ( 6 to 18) diagnosed with acne rosacea also had eye problems. One in ten of us are likely to be affected.

If you are receiving treatment for rosacea affecting the skin, you may not realize that your eyes also are involved if accompanying symptoms are very mild. Normally these are dry eyes are eye irritation, not dissimilar to the effects of blepharitis. 

In very harsh ocular rosacea, corneal ulcers can be problematic. If left untreated, the corneal ulcer can perforate the eye. Obviously this is very serious and is a potentially  blinding complication.

If you find that in addition to skin disorders you are also suffering from irritated eyes, then do please check with an optician that it is not linked, and you will receive appropriate treatments for both.