For Parents and Carers

The warning to parents and carers of young children is that it is their ignorance of the severity of childhood Vision problems that can lead to developing long term issues in later life.

Children can develop eye conditions or be born with congenital eye problems, most common are astigmatism, retinopathy, crossed eyes, colour blindness, lazy eye syndrome and hyperopia. Early signs may be very discreet, children may at first find it difficult to focus which will not be immediately apparent unless they can recognise that what they are seeing is out of focus. You may notice them straining to focus or more obviously you may see poor muscle tone around the eye indicative of a physiological  problem.Particularly young children will normally be under the care of a doctor or health visitor who should be the first contacts if you notice anything untoward. But it's not too early to begin regular eye tests  in pre school aged children with your optician or optometrist.The use of vitamin supplements may be considered to prevent longevity in healthy vision. In particular Vitamins A, C and E are proven to help prevent certain eye disorders such as cataracts and age related macular degeneration.