In the Pink

Too many mornings this past week I have woken to blood red shot eyes. It's easy to put it down to
lack of sleep, too many late nights, or even having the air con on in the car too high but are you aware of what the causes of your red eyes are?
 Red eye occurs when when the vessels of the sclera are dilated or swollen. It is quite possible for you to notice the discoloration of the eyeball and not suffer any other type of irritation, but symptoms that may present themselves are blurry vision, a swollen eye, mild eye discomfort or pain or perhaps discharge.Conjunctivitis is the most contagious form of eye irritation and is prevalent in younger children who interact with one another. For the older patient, common irritants include allergens, such as plants, dust or animals, swimming and the chemicals associated with the pool water, eye strain through using VDU's and hand held devices. Colds and flu can also flare up the sclera vessels. Common eye injuries at home and at  work and general environmental factors at home and work can over expose the eyes to promote pink eye.

If pain ever accompanies the swelling or you begin to notice compromised blurred vision you should seek treatment to alleviate more serious diagnosis.