Pressure Watch

In the University of Washington research facility, excitement is bubbling about a game changing engineered device that is to give hope to glaucoma sufferers globally.The tiny device that is essentially a pressure sensor can be provided to a patient on an artificial lens that can be administered during a routine cataract surgical procedure. The lens is designed to be a permanent carrier and stays within the eye once placed.The sensor is engineered to read even the slightest pressure changes occurring within the eye which then sends a data message wirelessly to monitor the patient.

Currently, any pressure checks have to be completed via a licensed ophthalmologist. This means routine appointments and a delay in monitoring the eye and general eye health until the next appointment.
The sensor, as it worn continuously can allow data to be presented and shared at any given time, and can be uploaded via a smartphone or hand held device. This type of technology will really bridge the gap for patients who may have concerns about their eyes or even be unawares of subtle changed that they are not noticing which will be being continually monitored.