Rachel Riley To Wear Dots For RNIB Campaign

Rachel Riley To Wear Dots For RNIB Campaign

The Royal National Institute of Blind People have launched a month long campaign called RNIB Read with the help of Countdown presenter Rachel Riley. Riley, who has also appeared on the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing is the face behind the move to make more books available and accessible for those with sight loss. The fundraising effort will call on people to wear dots in celebration of the extraordinary braille system.

During the month of October, you will see the face of RNIB Read Rachel wearing a multitude of spotted and dotted clothes on the show in a bid to raise awareness of the plights that affect the blind and people with partial sight. The remarkable braille system which enables those with poor sight to read will be the focus of the campaign in its media presence.

In the UK, a person begins to lose their vision every 15 minutes. Currently, as many as two million people are believed to be living with vision loss.

Wear dots and raise lots!

Currently, the RNIB offers a range of services to help those with vision loss, but one area they feel could do with help is books. For children, such tools are of great importance in regards to their education and for adults it is an activity dear to most. Unfortunately, it is estimated that only 7% of books are available in formats accessible for people living with sight loss. In addition to being able to develop its own library of books for the blind, the RNIB hope the fundraising activities will help in its work with the printing industry as well as those publishing in ebook form. Recent launches from the charity also include RNIB Overdrive, an online archive of over 20,000 audio books.

Interested? Fundraising packs can be sourced by calling 0845 345 0054

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