RCGP New Networking Program

Britains G.P's are included in a new roll-out initiative from the Royal College of General Practitioners to make eye health a priority in clinics across the country.

The network has been designed to assist Doctors in clinics get a fuller understanding of health of our eyes and loss of vision with a goal of better care standards for patients with sight loss.

Eye health was earmarked as  a UK wide priority for clinics last year amongst three other divisions of general health, with the program designed to run from Spring of this year through to March 2016.The clinical priority program is being led by the UK Vision strategy and the RCGP.

The forum that the new network will provide is hoped to be a mechanism to share patient management routines and best practice ideas. It will assist in making routes for care between the G.P's and other health workers in the eye care sector.

The members will will receive training event opportunities along with networking seminars as well as news posts and access to resources. Further information regarding the program can be found at www.rcgp.org.uk/eyehealth.