Regime Reminder

There are always messages of importance when it comes to good practice and your eye care regimes. Recently America's Food & Drug Administration pushed the need for public safety and contact lens care. Always remember to follow the guidlines:
 - hands should be washed with soap, rinsed and dried before handling your lenses- if you swim, or surf or kayak or partake of any water sport you should ideally remove your lenses first. This includes bathing and jacuzzis- never put your lenses into contact with water from the tap. Rinse always in solution and allow them to air dry in their individual containers- try to remember the Rub & Rinse method of cleaning before storing away- replace your lens cases every three months as they can become breeding grounds for bacteria.- do not swop your given container for a smaller one or travel sized unit. They are designed to have the correct amount of sterile solution to keep your lenses cleansed- keeping your lens solution bottle away from other contaminants is vital and do not wipe the nozzle with any thing. This could cross contaminate

SEE to it that your regime is the right one and stay bug free.