Rodenstock Release 'Best Progressive Lens' - Impression FreeSign 3

Rodenstock Release 'Best Progressive Lens' - Impression FreeSign 3

Rodenstock, the leading German manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and glasses frames, has released what it describers as its 'best progressive lens of all time.' The new Impression FreeSign 3 offers amongst other features improved image stability and aesthetics with its ultra thin form. It has also been created in three varying styles, each to suit different needs. These comprise of Active, Allround and Expert.

The manufacturer of these lenses, Rodenstock, was founded in 1877 has since grown from its base in Munich to not only become a big name in Germany, but also offer its ophthalmic products across the globe. Currently, the optics company produce their lenses and frames in twelve different countries and promotes its products in over 80 countries worldwide. Amongst other brands, Rodenstock are also officially licensed to create lenses and frames for many famous names including Porsche Design, Mercedes-Benz, Dunhill and Baldessarini.

The progressive lenses are designed to match your own personal lifestyle, whether you are an outdoor, active person or live a life that involves travelling and business meetings. The main benefits that Rodenstock promote are:

  • Maximum image stability
  • The minimum of image distortion
  • Instant vision quality without the need to acclimatise
  • Thin and aesthetically appealing

The manufacturers also claim that wearers will enjoy '100% natural vision' and 'hardly notice that you are wearing spectacles.'

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Photograph: Rodenstock