Samoa Outbreak Warnings

There has been a department of health warning in the area of Samoa after numerous cases were registered at Emergency rooms of Pink eye.The American Samoa Department's of Communicable Disease surveillance has reported that thirty cases were admitted via their emergency department over just one weekend.It is speculated that there may well be more cases that have not been brought to the department's attention as some people may have chosen not to come to hospital with it but instead be treating themselves at home.
 Head Nurse Mageo has urged people that have not already been seen by a health  professional to not try and undertake home remedies as treatment but instead seek appropriate treatment.Children who have fallen ill are asked to be kept at home and students at local schools have been ordered to return to home.

Necessary precautions are being asked to be respected and a reminder that general cleanliness and effective hand washing are a good preventative measure from passing on or catching the condition.