Scare but Don't Dare

Every year at this time, families and adults alike who like the party atmosphere participate in Halloween. And like other years, eye doctors and ophthalmologists like to give out warnings and reminders that you can fully participate  but not to do so at detriment to your vision.

Novelty contact lenses are the first cause for concern as many are sold cheaply over the internet and are not approved items. There is always a need for contact lenses to fit perfectly so do not fall into the trap of " universal sizing" or  the dismissal of a need for an eye care doctor for fitting. Decorative lenses are available from eye care professionals and even with a non -prescription pair, a proper prescription and eye test would be necessary to ensure a correct fit.
Lenses should never be shared and neither should lenses be worn that are still unopened but past their use by date.

If you are using face make-up, keep it well away from eyes, and resist lining the inner rim of your eyes.
What may seem like common sense does often go amiss at tikes like these and all of a sudden you will see small children battling uneven surfaces in poor light conditions with their faces fully covered in masks! But it happens.
If they are wearing masks for their costumes be very aware that peripheral vision will be very poor. It is safer to prop their masks atop their heads until they reach their destinations and then mask up for full effect. Walking into bushes, trees, or other people wearing masks could all warrant eye injury or at least an injury of any other kind!