Seeing for Future Vision

Who remembers as youngsters  being told to eat your greens and carrots as it would make you see in the dark?While a handful of parents look outside of the diet eaten at home to care for overall health of their families and may give supplements for varying matters, only fourteen per cent of parents have any concern over the future of their children's vision and would consider tailoring a supplement regime to combat any risk of vision loss in the long term.
 These figures come out of a survey by vitamin manufacturer Kelton/DSM Nutritional Products.Eye development is still continuing throughout early childhood  and while carrots with the Sunday roast that are rich in beta carotene are marvelous, there are other vital nutrients that give a holistic well being to development.Parents need to consider supplementing with lutein, Vitamin E, omega-3's DHA and EPA and zeaxanthin.Likely the majority of which will be unheard of or unfamiliar and not normally next to the carrots at the greengrocers.
 Broccoli, peas, sweetcorn,and eggs all contain lutein and zeaxanthin whereas fatty fish will introduce the omega-3's. Peanut butter and oils or wheatgerm will provide vitamin E.

It is possible to eat healthy while being mindful of long term vision benefits. Parents and carers alike, are to take note and we will see that teen percent figure increase for the better.