Seeing Stars

A startling news report from the United States has surfaced that records the development of a star- shaped cataract after a man was electrocuted while working.An experienced forty two year old electrician suffered a crippling 14,000 volt shock at his left shoulder and had to persevere the development of the bizarre cataract for a full four months before he had surgery to remove the lens and receive an intraocular lens.This unfortunately has only made a very slight improvement in his overall vision and he will remain registered as legally blind as a result of the tragic accident.Cataract removal are a very common procedure. Studies have shown that more than fifty per cent of US citizens have had the removal of a cataract by the time they reach eighty years of age.
 When trying to explain the star-bust formation of this patients cataracts, it is thought that the high voltage current may have interfered with the chemical balance of his blood which gradually decreased blood supply to his retina and optic nerves. The fluid surrounding the eye would most definitely have suffered as well.

"Snowflake" patterns for formed cataracts have been documented in the past but this gentleman was literally seeing stars with is.