Short Arms - Problem?

 If you are approaching the age of forty you may begin to notice that your vision isn't as concise as it perhaps once was. That may be a result of a very common condition that begins its onset at about that age. Presbyopia is a condition that causes blurry near vision so close work like reading, arts, or working on a computer can be hindered. The bad news is that you can't really run or hide from the condition as it is related to aging. What begins to happen is the natural lens inside of your eye begins to thicken and thereby becomes less elastic this means that our eye has to work harder to try and focus on objects close to us and we may find ourselves beginning to hold things at arms reach just to be able to focus correctly. Early symptoms include headaches and eye strain when performing close work and you may find your eyes tire quickly. Women often become afflicted earlier than men and seek correction for  presbyopia sooner because women’s arms are usually shorter than men’s, so when it becomes difficult for them to read at arm’s length, assistance is at that point required.

Eyeglasses with bifocal or progressive addition lenses are the most common ways to correct presbyopia. Reading glasses are another choice.