Smart gets Smarter

For the past year the Swedish company Tobii has been grafting hard to make improvements to its software for its smartglasses to overcome the public perception that smartglasses and the likes of google glass are nothing more than toys in the marketplace of tech and gadgets.Their new (and improved) product the Tobii Glasses 2 certainly look better than the first developed pair, but the fantastic eye tracking software from that first developed was actually their unique selling point. The re-developed pair look smarter, track in real time, and can capture gaze data in High Definition at 1080p. The apparatus also hold a recording device that records and saves the user gaze data to a memory card that links to their Tobii Glasses Controller Software for further analysis. Developers hope to see the data usage to be useful for the likes of consumers in stores, athletes in training, or drivers that are navigating new routes and for social research purposes. Already the likes of behavioral science and marketing for shoppers has been explored with the use of Tobii glasses which wasn't feasible just four years ago even.

The package is not accessible to every John or Jane Doe at a price tag of between fifteen and thirty thousand dollars for the complete package but the reality is that their value in the world of commercial sales might just change the way smartglasses are used.