South Africa Advances

Back in 1846 in Central Germany, a man named Zeiss started up his own mechanics lab and workshop for optical instruments. Today Zeiss products are leaders in advancing machines to assist the Opticians and Optical Industry.

At the end of last year, doctors in Johannesburg South Africa were provided with one of the newest machines to come out of the Zeiss family, that has promised to provide lenses so technology advanced they claim to be up to four times more accurate than any lens currently on the International market.

For the patients of Johannesburg, this great claim comes in the form of The new Mellins I-style Zeiss Experience. Up to a massive forty per cent of a lenses performance can be lost if there is even the tiniest error in manufacture over centring. The claims coming from Zeiss as of the end of 2012 have announced that accuracy of  up to 1/10mm can be produced from their  fully aoutomated equipment, blowing that 40 per cent risk out of the lab room.

A three thousand point test map of the eye can be completed in less than ninety seconds.

This ultimately leads to an improved lens providing up to a third more clarity in low light conditions and particularly in night vision.