Stay Shaded

While we are advised to wear sunglasses throughout the year for protection from UV rays in sunshine and snow, there is a percentage of the population that have to wear protective eye wear all of the time due to an eye condition called Aniridia.

Aniridia is a mutation that prevents the iris from developing and as a result patients must protect their eyes from light sources and find it very difficult to read small text which worsens over time due to the  glaucoma associated with the disease.

Now American researchers are reported to have discovered a possible cure for the condition which labels those born with the disease as being legally blind in the United States. New-born mice that have the condition were treated for a full 24 hours with Ataluren which was recorded as restoring their sight. Clinical trials are hoped to begin in the spring of next year. Up to now it was thought that only drugs administered in utero would be successful for an unborn child but now we know that the disease affects people randomly  and it is difficult to estimate who may be affected before birth.

If the clinical trial proves successful in adults then the hope is for children to be administered the drug via eye drops which would be long term management for the condition and continue to develop and protect the iris as they develop.