Stroke Marker?

A super cheap eye test has become available  that examines in detail the retina of each eye. But the interest for medical professionals is that research is throwing up some interesting facts regarding sufferers of hypertensive retinopathy and the link with the increased risk of having a stroke. This means that the relatively simple test that costs just two brown notes to you and I may go a long way in identifying whether we are susceptible to having a stroke.

The Stroke Association have long been concerned by the lack of reliable prediciton markers for those who have suffered a stroke. Educating the public on the best actions when stroke happens is made all the more complicated when the group cannot accurately advise on what exactly may happen before an attack. The blood vessels in our retina can help doctors assess the health of the blood vessels in the brain which does provide a good marker for risk of stroke. It is high blood pressure that is the leading risk factor that is accountable for half of the strokes recorded in Great Britain each year. But with no warnings many people are completely clueless that they may be at risk of one. Noises are now being made that the test be made more widely available outside of the opticians and NHS eye units as part of Stroke awareness and likely risk diagnosis.