Success for NEHW

This year's National Eye Health Week has come to a close and the national campaign has drawn its highest numbers of participants with over one thousand charities, organisations and practices getting on board.  This year saw it's first real media push with radio coverage from the BBC courtesy of The Chris Evans Breakfast radio show plus Steve Wright in the Afternoon and eye health supplements that went to print courtesy of The Guardian and The Times newspapers.
 The Chair of the campaign has been pleased that the topic of eye health awareness  has been pushed up in the media and is more on the public agenda. More supporters will allow for more coverage which provides greater chances of exposure to the public who might not ordinarily have been informed of the topics. This year the push for regular eye examinations was a major topic along with the health of children's vision, laser surgery and glaucoma.
 In a field report that was correlated throughout the week in conjunction with High Street Retailer Vision Express it was found that there were geographical areas throughout Britain which are most at risk of loss of vision which could be preventable with early intervention. These areas were Gateshead, Liverpool, Leicester, Stoke -On -Trent, Merthyr Tydfill, Grampian and Newham and Waltham Forest.

With more contributors to the expo for 2014 it is hoped that the continuing battle against treatable vision conditions will improve in not only these hot spots but the whole of the nation.