Tapping into EU funds

A gathering of talented and dedicated researchers in the field of eye research and eye health are today gathering in County Westmeath, Ireland, as part of a Science Summit which takes out two days annually to meet, deliver and discuss important agenda's in the eye research calender. Just over three hundred delegates are attending this years summit and included on the agenda is the Delivering 2020 program. The researchers hope to find a way to best secure up to one billion euro's in European funding which is earmarked under the Horizon 2020 program for funding.

The director general  has already advised that they aim to developed initiatives that are designed to help ensure that the Irish research community will get the  maximum return from the program.
The onus will be on applicants being provided with funding if it can be proven that the research they undertake will result in the creation of new posts.

Initiatives include the EU grant managers to assist SFI-funded research centers; enhanced development and support programs for applicants to the European Research Council.