Tesco Opens Opticians Number 200

tesco opticians free eye exams

Tesco has this week announced that it has opened its 200th in-store opticians, with the latest new practice in Hungary. As well as having an enormous operation in the UK, Tesco now operates over 20 of these optical departments around the globe.

However, the massive increase in stores since 1998 doesn't come without controversy. The retail giant has seen the massive call for their in store opticians multiply quickly since their decision to begin offering free eye tests since 2010, a move which has been condemned by local and independent optometrists. The scheme, which doesn't require any commitment to purchase once the tests are complete, has angered many practitioners who see the free exams as unfair competition, a claim that has been made against the supermarket by many disgruntled independent companies in a wide range of sectors across the UK.

Tesco's stance on the situation is that of being happy to provide testing to all ages of customers, especially those that don't, "believe they can afford to," and thus making the service available to everyone and anyone.

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