Testing with Penny

Breaking new technology in the land down under.New Zealand and Australian Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers have announced the release of an application and a book designed for children's enjoyment but with an added twist. Born out of an idea from leading optometrists the book has been designed and developed in partnership with the University of Melbourne's optometry department. As well as being an engaging story for children between the ages of three and ten, the book also offers up as a parental sight testing tool.

 Written around a central character called Penny who is a Pirate, the book is designed to engage the reader and at the same time will test the readers colour vision, perception of depth, distance vision and will cover lazy eye possibilities as well.These tests are dotted throughout the book that not only keeps the child engaged in Penny's adventures, but also allows the carer or parent to screen the child's vision.There are still one fifth of children in Australia who have yet to have an eye examination.

This book would be an important marker for parents that have not yet ventured to their optician for the first vision tests, while being a fun experience for the reader still.