Thinking About Your Eyes

National Vision Inc. Transitions, Essilor, the Vision Council, Walman Optical, Refac Optical Group, Luxottica and SpecialEyes have teamed up with Gunnar Optiks who produce specialized protection from computer vision syndrome as part of the awareness campaign for public health and education on eyes called Think About Your Eyes.

This a huge national campaign which will only benefit from the partnerships in promoting annual eye examinations. Starting back in the summer of 2013 the website that runs alongside the campaign witnessed in excess of seven hundred thousand visits last year. From these visits 80% went to the Doctor locator.  These kind of results run hand in hand with the increase in figures of people obtaining eye examinations in the third quarter of last year. An increase of 3.5% in overall eye examinations.
Chief Executive Officer of Think About Your Eyes Ed Greene  encourages other providers within the industry to join in to make sure that the public and consumers can locate them and what they have to offer. More advertisements and ongoing educational information will be rolled via online and social media sites from next month.