Walk an Extra Mile

A survey of five thousand American citizens that has taken place over a long research period of twenty years starting in the late eighties has finally been promulgated.In a paper that has investigated the effect of exercise and the odd glass of wine over time, a percentage figure of 5.4 has been reported from the study group that eventually developed a form of sight loss caused by eye disease , other medical condition , or eye injury, none of which that could have been treated by corrective lenses or glasses.Visual impairment only occurred in two per cent of the study group who were recorded as exercising between two to three times a week as opposed to just under seven per cent in those that were recorded as being inactive.With adjustments were made for age ( and the control group included adults aged 43 years to 84yrs)  they reported that people who exercised regularly were up to fifty eight per cent less likely to develop any eye condition or defect that would amount to vision loss.

While it is accepted and a given that age is a universal factor that cannot be changed when discussing onset of  eye disease and prospective sight loss it is also an agreed point that lifestyle choices can be changed and that this Wisconsin Study is indicative that a healthier lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of later eye complications and loss of vision.