Warning Over Cosmetic Contact Lenses Over Halloween Period

contact lens warning for halloween period

The Opticians Council of Canada have today issued a warning to all those celebrating over the Halloween period to consider the health of their eyes when choosing whether or not to wear cosmetic contact lenses to add to their fancy dress costumes.

As has been noted in the UK with various local trading standards offices clamping down on the illegal sale of contact lenses by unregulated high street stores, Canadian officials have also appealed to the general public to consider their eyes and the health of them, over the purchase of often very low grade cosmetic lenses from shops and retail outlets. At what is a very busy period for the fancy dress industry, opticians and optical experts also expect an increase in eye and vision related problems. The hope is that consumers will look to make an educated choice when choosing their eyewear, if they must in the first place.

In as little as 24 hours, opticians are often subjected to patients with eye infections and swelling from improperly fitted lenses. On top of that, more severe issues such as allergic reactions to the lens itself can in rare cases lead to blindness in a very short space of time. Just as UK guidelines recommend, the OCC are appealing to consumers to steer clear of non-corrective coloured lenses for use as part of a costume, but that if needs must, buyers should visit a licensed optician instead and have their lenses fitted by a specialist so as not to cause harm to your eye and vision.

If, having worn such cosmetic contact lenses, you are now experiencing problems, the OCC recommends that you visit a qualified optician as soon as possible and follow these steps if you are finding it difficult to remove the lens:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate.
  2. Gently try to move the contact lens. If you can't move it at all, apply hydrating eye drops and once the lens has been rehydrated, attempt to remove it with care.
  3. Go see your closest vision care professional to have it removed safely and properly, and to treat irritation immediately

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