Why Do You Wear Shades?

What are your primary reasons for investing in a pair of sunglasses?

If you are in the field of opthalmics, your answer would be to lessen the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Others may say for fashion following, to stop squinting in glare, or for protection during sports.

While health professionals try to spread awareness of the dangers of sunlight to our sight and eyes, it is clear from research that many consumers do not cite UV protection as the primary reason for wearing sunglasses.

The figures that have come out of the States this month, say that only forty percent of people use the UV protection ticket when purchasing glasses.

A further thirty two per cent cite " comfort " for the choice of purchase. Extended sun exposure is proven to aggrivate certain eye conditions as the UV rays can cause corneal damage, lens damage, amongst other complications ( eg short -term conditions like photokeratitis) plus long term damage to the delicate skin of the eyes. Sun damage can be terribly uncomfortable and difficult to heal.

Bravo to the 28 per ent of US Citizens who put UV ratings on their sunglasses selection first.

Spread the message and think " rays ". Protecting your vision is far " cooler " that looking cool in sub-standard shades.