Winter Test

While we wait with baited breath for the Springtime to arrive, we still battle the daily ravages of unpredictable Great British Winter Climes.

People who wear contacts, or are allergy sufferers or those diagnosed with dry eye may suffer more than the remainder of us in these remaining wintry days. The air is typically more dry both indoors and out, and the reduction in moisture will irritate pre-existing conditions that will likely cause irritation and be uncomfortable.

During these remaining weeks, try and use tear drops to keep the eyes damp, many pharmacy counter gels and drops will relieve very mild irritations. Anything more severe and you should pop down to your optician for a prescription.

Come the end of the day a warm compress placed over the eyes can be very soothing. While heating your home is vital, its just as useful to use humidifiers to help maintain mositure levels.

Don't presume that because we can't see Mr Blue Sky or his hot yellow friend we shouldn't still consider protecting our peepers from UV damage. Likewise, a windy day, and a pair of decent sunglasses will help keep foreign objects from being blown into your eyes.

If you are mad enough to still play sport outside (!) goggles, masks or protective visors are recommended.

Don't forget to blink too! Sounds easy? Well, it's not always second nature, and we aren't always prompted to re-cleanse  and replenish that important tear film.

Be eye aware and before we know it, summer tips on our eye health will be sprouting up!