Winter Warnings

The expected round of colds and flu have begun in the region where I live. The typical British weather that changes from bright and luke warm to a bitter wind and damp the following day leaves us wide open to the germs and nasties waiting to take over our bodies.

Now, a water and health researcher has advised that our eyes are an entry for the flu and cold germs during winter. Irritated eyes, that suffer fatigue, itchiness, and watering are common accompaniments for the winter colds. Health experts stress that by keeping healthy eyes you can help keep the bad germs out. Just as we would treat our sore throats or runny noses it is as important to treat our eye symptoms at the same time as dealing with the full blown effects of a common cold or influenza.

Our bodies skin and sunbsequent water content is our first armour that disease needs to penetrate to spread infection; you've heard the adage to " keep your fluids up" when you are ailing for something. It is dehydration symptoms that commonly begin at the mouth and eyes. Watery eyes, are a common dry eye symptom,a result of reflex tearing as the eyes’ attempt to compensate for the loss of water content in the basal tear film.This time of year is when we struggle to keep a healthy tear film as we spend less time outdoors and indoors we battle dry air and central heating for example.