World Forum for World Health

 A Global Forum to discuss Human Resources for Health has taken place in Brazil and the World Council for Optometry were participants to assist in coordinating and liaising with various health organisations to dissect and understand the health care system within Brazil and to promote the optometric field.The event was put together and coordinated with the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. The event was massive and included the participation from ninety three different countries. Delegates totaling over two thousand were in attendance that included health professionals, policy makers and workers from across the spectrum of the health care sector. The World Council of Optometry reported that there was a strong push for universal health coverage to promote an enhancement of skills among a sustainable workforce, while promoting equal opportunities within the filed for all staff at all levels.

The desire to harness the new and innovative approaches being showcased around the world is strong and the opportunities to invest in new measures resulting in better health care globally are manageable and desired.