Accolade for Eye Doctor

An American eye doctor has been awarded the US's highest innovation award last week by President Barack Obama. The doctor has received this important accolade in reference to his work in developing laser eye surgery

 Dr. Gholam Peyman  was nick-named the “father of LASIK” eye surgery by the recently re-inaugurated leader. He received the very first patent for the surgery in 1989, and counts as just one in more than one hundred others he has his name to.

The National Medal for Technology and Innovation, was presented to just seven movers and shakers in the Opthalmic field. Seven individuals, one team of scientists and one business, Raytheon, were also honored.

“We are so grateful to all of you,” Obama said. “The incredible contributions that you’ve made have enhanced our lives in immeasurable ways, in ways that are practical but also inspirational.”

The doctor with so many patents to his name is a leading professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine based in Phoenix, and  he also runs a clinic in Sun City West. He has  specified his training to assist in finding  new methods to deliver drugs to the eye, new medical devices and  now new treatments for the condition glaucoma.

The President seized his opportunity to call for more investment in the subjects of math and science at  education level  that  would mould more visionaries for the future in their respective fields .

“We need to do everything we can to encourage that same kind of passion, make it easier for more young people to blaze a new trail,” Obama said.