Additional Funding Appreciated

Two researchers, C. Davey and Dr S Slade have been appointed by the College of Optometrists to work with the college's own research team and additional senior researchers  from the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences at Leeds University to report on and investigate how to make the best use of collated data in issues regarding optometry and public health.
This project has received initial funding  ( from The College of Optometrists) for the first two years and will focus in particular on the requirement for extra capacity to organise and then analyse public health data on eye health and vision.

It is hoped that it will assist  in managing access to eye care services and will report on how  a more evidence-based approach to  eye health service management could inform the recall intervals for different groups of the population.

With the fast moving changes taking place in health care, and the associated challenges that that brings to health care professionals, it is classed as important that professionals don't get left behind when attempting to steer their own development within their fields.

The research forms part of the College’s  work towards  public health strategy which aims to improve ophthalmic public health i.e prevent avoidable sight loss, improve care and ensure that care is of  a good value and appropriate for the whole population.