ADNIV Family Hope for Cure

An American family has recently made the news and been the subjects for copious amounts of research for researchers due to a crippling congenital condition that has caused blindness throughout their family tree.

It is reportedly unknown exactly how many of the Iowa families relatives are affected by the rare genetic disorder known as ADNIV, autosomal dominant neovascular inflammatory vitreretinopathy, but in only one hundred reported cases throughout the United States, 61 per cent are relevant to the Jackson family, and extended family members.

Some members have lost their sight over gradual time, others have been told to expect total blindness within just five years of diagnosis. The family have been the research topics for a  Dr. Vinit Mahajan  who wanted to isolate the specific gene prevalent to ADNIV in the hope of finding the possible breakthrough for all types of blindness. He explains that the condition provides almost every kind of bad eye disease simultaneously over a period of time, and so in understanding how the gene works new treatments can be developed.