Affliction of the Young

Ophthalmologists are increasingly concerned with the number of younger people that are coming through their doors with symptoms of dry eye. It is recorded that more women than men suffer from the condition of dry eye every year but now a worrying fifty percent of walk in patients are aged between twenty to thirty. Previously, nine out of ten patients suffering from the condition were over the age of fifty.

Irritation and dry eyes are all the more common with our extended use of smart phones and computers. It's effectively a 'sign of the times" and what was once an infliction of the old, is now fast becoming an epidemic for the young.

The reduced blinking that comes with intense concentration at a smart screen for example results in tear films drying out and the lack of visual "rests" over a day or evening is what causes the distortion in vision and often teary , burn conditions.

Occasional problems with the symptoms of dry eye would not be too much to worry about but severe and repeated cases should be investigated for treatment before it leads to a more permanent long term problem.While occasional dry eye is probably not serious, more severe cases can lead to complications and you are advised to seek advice from your eye health professional at the early signs of trouble.