Aged 40? Read this

If you have been recently wondering whether you have a diagnosis for sleep apnea it would be worth noting that in addition to a visit to your usual doctor or nurse, then an additional trip to your opticians may well be beneficial as well. This follows recent results of a study that has noted how people with sleep apnea are at an increased risk of the eye disease glaucoma.

In a study group totaling over one thousand patients aged over forty, who were diagnosed with sleep apnea, it was found that in comparison to a control group of six thousand adults without the condition, they were more than one and a half times more likely to later develop open - angle glaucoma.

Although prevalent worldwide, the new ophthalmic research study has now surmised that sleep apnea is in fact an independent risk factor for the most common type pf the eye disease.

It is recommended that at the age of forty, all adults should receive a base line eye test  as this is most likely when changes in vision will occur, and as glaucoma is a " silent" disease that does not present itself in an obvious fashion until sight loss is imminent and without any associated eye pain, it is hoped that G.P's will be alert to the fact that sleep apnea patients should be presented with opportunity to have their eyes tested.