Allies in the EU

A call for lobbyists around the EU has been made to activate a better platform for great vision and eye health across the continent.The European Parliamentary Elections manifesto and the European Coalition for Vision are launching this week at the seat in Strasbourg.This manifesto being presented by MEP's across the EU calls on the European Parliament to throw its weight behind existing policies and new agendas to implement change in the optical industry, making visions and the health of our Nations' eyes a priority within the health strategies being discussed.Monetary gain would be evident within EU member states if the rates of visually impaired and people with loss of sight was diminished , with " considerable" savings on healthcare, which is argued, is an area that is not prioritized by the majority of European Governments.Patients who already suffer vision or sight loss are owed a life of equal opportunity within what MEP's class as a ' socially inclusive Europe', where the rights of these patients should be promoted and included in the European public health agenda.

Both Moorfields Hospital and the RNIB are included in the new coalition alongside the UK's Optical Confederation.