AMD Monitoring Call

Despite the arrival of new and effective treatments for patients suffering with age related macular degeneration the Macular Society and Royal College of Ophthalmologists  have expressed their concerns in a recent study, that patients are still being put at considerable risk of sight loss due to unacceptable waiting times for treatment in clinics.
 Thousands of the British public's elderly have been included to compile a worrying report, that clearly shows that the services for eye health within the National Health Service are falling well below acceptable expectations.
 Just under twelve per cent of consultants have described their service provision as being poor and just over one per cent went so far as to judge it as  very poor.The majority of the health personnel who participated in the study have identified that staff shortages were a very common problem and the cause of the problems being faced by clinics.It was recommended that the involvement of other professionals should be implemented to help the monitoring process for patients receiving AMD injections as treatment so as to slash the waiting time at clinics right now.

So long as the shortages compound on the waiting times then vision loss is a very real risk for patients.