Australian Boost for HP's

An Antipodean venture has just been released from the Indigenous Eye Health Unit of the Melbourne University and Remote Area Health Corps online.For health professionals that are already working in work placements in some of the more remote Australian communities, a free online modular training resource on diabetes and eye health is now available online.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can go far longer than a year at a time to receive a comprehensive eye examination and it is proven that continued monitoring and timely treatment can reduce the rate at vision loss can take a hold from diabetes so by participating in the modules that are now available it is more of a policy  to ensure that annual exams actually happen.

The online support has been made possible with financial assistance in its development from the Aspen Foundation and CBM Australia. The importance of monitoring the danger of this type of sight loss is more pertinent in indigenous adults who are six times more likely to lose their vision than non indigenous Australians, a huge difference, and worrying for the health professionals who are restricted by logistics to keep control over monitoring the situation. Recent statistics showed that only one fifth of patients who have diagnosed diabetes already had received an eye examination in the previous twelve months.