Beating Diabetic Retinopathy in UAE

At the Emirates Ophthalmology Conference taking place this week it has been announced that  all of the primary healthcare centers situated in Dubai are now able to provide screening for patients with diabetes to save eyesight as a result of the disease.
The population of the United Arab Emirates have nineteen of every hundred suffering from diabetes and being able to catch the onset of eye disease is a massive undertaking. The Conference brings together many international experts to thrash out the issues associated with the combat and treatment of eye disease.
All 14 primary healthcare centres in Dubai are now equipped with special cameras to catch eye disease that leads to blindness among their diabetic patients.

The conference brings together experts from across the world to discuss the ongoing issue of treatment of early onset eye disease ( Diabetic Retinopathy). With many patients being unaware of the condition until it is too late, screening for it is all the more important as it is preventable if caught early enough. The test takes just a couple of minutes, and involves a camera taking a picture of the retina in each eye. They will be given for every diabetic patient in Dubai when they attend for screening or follow up appointments.