Big Smoke Not Ideal Life?

Are you a country bumpkin or a fast city slicker? Perhaps you are lucky enough to split your time between the two! Well, before you comment or make plans to call your estate agent, you may wish to know that a recent American study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology  has revealed that a higher number of patients diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome reside in the bigger cities. The condition has been reported as being three to four times more likely diagnosed in the cities of Chicago, Miami and New York over more rural, or at least, less polluted inner city areas.

Pollution that you can expect to encounter in cities has to be expected given the high volume of traffic, industry output and the services to ho,es such as air conditioning to help counteract the damaging effects of city living. Clinical Ophthalmologists have suggested that those living in cities should regulate the humidity of their homes and work spaces and opt for a high end air filter to assist in combating the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

The study incorporated just over six thousand veterans that had received dry eye treatment between 2006 and 2011. When researchers looked into where the patients had been living up to twenty per cent of the group had been living in the larger cities that already had high levels of pollution.