Blepharitis And Bacterial Eye Infections

Blepharitis And Bacteria Eye Infections

Blepharitis is associated with a bacterial eye infection that is quite common. It is also linked to dry eyes, which is also very common. There are two forms of Blepharitis. Anterior, affecting the outside of the eyelid and Posterio. The latter is linked to the dysfunction of the meibomian glands. These are found within the eyelids and they secrete oils that lubricate the eye.
If you are diagnosed with it you will be recommended to start with eyelid hygiene. This can be lid scrubs or simple cleansing agents. The treatment in severe cases of the Blepharitis can also require treatment with topical and oral medicines.
Without any treatment, Blepharitis caused by bacteria can cause several other problems such as dilated and visable capillaries, trichiasis and entropion. In a diagnosis of the two latter, the cornea may show erosion from the eyelashes rubbing against the eye.

Eyelid hygiene will relieve symptoms but Blepharitis can be very difficult to manage in chronic cases. Warm compresses with a facecloth on the outer lids for several minutes can soothe the eyes. Gently massaging the outer lids also helps. Always remember to sterilize your hands before using any of these methods.

If the symptoms do persist your GP may well refer you to an eye specialist for further investigations.