Blue Book 2015 Published By European Council of Optometry and Optics

Blue Book 2015 ECOO

The 2015 Blue Book published by the European Council of Optometry (ECOO) now provides insight into optics and optometry across Europe. All the information collated is via surveys from optical associations across the 29 members of the ECOO.

This blue book contains data from each country ranging from the size of the profession, the practice and scope, the status and the role it plays in public health. The education and training is also a provided. It is hoped that the contributions provides a better understanding of the professional landscape of optometry across Europe.

One particular highlighted area in the report covers the transferring of many primary eye health issues to optometrists and opticians in some European countries due to what it recognises as a decrease in qualified ophthalmologists and an increase in the cost of medical care.

The comparison in the data found over the years of research does show that each country does have its own unique profile. It also demonstrates the progression that each profession is making in terms of education and practice.

ECOO has said that it will update the Blue Book on a regular basis and capture data as a snapshot every two years. The first published edition of the Blue Book dates back to 2008.

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