Brake Calls For Better Driving Vision Testing

Brake Calls For Better Driving Vision Testing

A road safety charity known as Brake is calling on the government to introduce compulsory eyesight tests for drivers. A survey carried out with Specsavers and the RSA Insurance Group has show great support from the public. Almost 87% agreed that all drivers should be able to prove they have had a recent eye test when they come to renew their driving licence. The survey worryingly showed that 25% of drivers admitted that they had not had an eye test in 2 years! 12% of drivers who needed lenses or glasses to drive had knowingly not used them in the past year.

Compulsory eye testing for drivers is basic common sense and could easily be lifesaving in rare circumstances. Making sure your vision is as good as your driving skill is crucial, although there seems to be far too many excuses not to visit the optician.

The UK's infamous 'number plate test' was born in the 1930's and seems almost relic now, given the changes in technology. Most EU countries have introduced more modern testing and it's now time the UK followed in their footsteps.

Not only are these tests crucial to a driver and the safety of others on the roads but it can also be used to detect early signs of disease.

It's a drivers responsibility to ensure that they are driving any vehicle safely and legally. Lets hope the British government feel the same and these compulsory eye tests for drivers are a thing of the future.

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