Brien Holden Vision Institute Assist ITP


Employers today are continually striving to promote wellness and well being in their work force, as it is recognized as being important for optimum output and work performance which benefits everybody involved.

At the ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police)  senior management have specified that all of the patrol officers have a vision check which coincides with a two day event  that has been organized by global organization Brien Holden Vision Institute at the police patrol headquarters.

The organization had arranged for paramedics and three specialists to inspect the eyesight of all personnel using only the most up to date medical equipment. As well as receiving a full eye health check, the workers were able to consult with the professionals on best practice to avoid eye injury while at work and on protecting and being cautious with their sight in their field of expertise. For those requiring vision correction, free eye glasses were prescribed were needed.

It is perhaps a practice more suited to larger countries where saturation of expertise is thin, or the needs far outweigh the provision, but important none the less that it is a practice that will be taken up by other charities and organizations to assist in long term job performance and happiness in health of workers