Children, Glasses and the Potter Effect

harry potter and the increase in glasses sales

He wanders around with a magic wand, claims to be a wizard, has a pet owl, is regularly seen in robes, has a private (very) school education and is a proud owner of a very old fashioned pair of spectacles. Does the image of the un-cool, nerdy lad you used to know spring to mind or that of the high school heartthrob? It would appear the latter when it comes to trend setting in the magical world of opticians.

What may seem an odd choice for the ideal role model in children is having a remarkably positive effect on the number of eye tests being undertaken by youths at the moment. Although, stopping just short of confirming that the release of Harry Potter 7 (and a half) has boosted eye examinations, Boots Opticians have noticed a number of coincidences over the past few years regarding higher volumes of tests around about the release of a certain wizards film hitting the cinema screens. The bespectacled Harry seems to have helped lighten the stigma attached to wearing glasses while growing up and in turn promoted the number of children happy to follow suit.

In a very similar vein, the College of Optometrists also advised people watching 3D movies to have their eyes tested if they experienced headaches, dizziness or double-vision.

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