Colour and Hypertension

n Japan, men who are recorded with high blood pressure are likely to suffer from colour blindness.
Doctors and researchers in the study have indicated that an impairment in colour vision could be an important marker for the onset of hypertension in patients. The study that took place at the Montefiore Medical Centre in New York City is said to have presented just a quick snapshot in time and that in order to fully asses the relationship between the two conditions, a long term study program would need to be devised.
High blood pressure is often linked to certain types of eye disease and the Japanese medical University of Saitama have investigated suspected links between eye disease, colour vision and  heart related risk factors and lifestyle habits.
The study group were all men aged between twenty and sixty who were active service men. Blood pressure tests were taken and two visual accuracy tests to ascertain colour perception. The failure rates for each test were one hundred and thirty for the first test and thirty one for the second.
Researchers say it would be a useful marker if the perception of colour was linked to future hypertension related illnesses but it is still too early to speculate whether this would be the case.