Common Eye Injury

Here is a step through warning guide of when to be extra cautious with your eyesight.

I would wager that you will attempt at least one of these activities a week so here is a heads up!


1.  Be wary when out cutting the lawn or hedge trimming without safety glasses. Its common for particles  to fly up into the eye.

2.  Watch out when charging your mobile phones or other electrical items! Plug-ins at the ends of chords are particularly vicious if you pull it out by the chord rather than the plug-in itself.

3. Those little S-hooks  you find at the end of seat  covers will work loose while being stretched and can puncture the eye.

4.  High adrenalin sports fans that enjoy water ski-ing skiing, snowboarding  on cloudy days should still wear a UV protection pair of sun glasses. Not wearing them causes snow Blindness, an extreme ultra-violet burn with intense pain that lasts from 12 to 24 hours.

5. Welding , an obvious one, but also be mindful that watching some one weld can give you intense ultra-violet burns  like snow blindness.

6. Garage work, or those people who enjoy a spot of home improvement that may put them into contact with insulation, grinding, rock-picking, or mechanical work on cars without safety goggles leave yourself at risk of a foreign bod injury.

7. It's already harvest time, and Berry-Picking is an enjoyed task by young and old alike due its accessibility but twigs that contain fungal spores can damage the cornea if snapped into or near an eye. Seek advice from an eye-doctor immediately if you come into contact.

8. When playing sport such as recreational hockey without visors, or racquetball with  plain old street glasses that do not protect the side of the eye and the lenses in glasses can fracture  thereby cutting the eye.

9. Any severe head blow should be investigated, car accident  or sporting accident could cause a retinal tear or detachment with no obvious signs or pain. Any floating particles or light flashes should be reviewed immediately by an eye-doctor.

10. Arty sorts should watch out for glue  which if makes contact with the eye can be glued shut!  Household chemicals that make contact should be washed out immediately under running water.