Condition 'Dry Eye' On The Rise

Condition 'Dry Eye' On The Rise

By 2022 it is expected that the number of dry eye cases will have risen by more than half a million. This is according to a new report by consulting company GlobalData.

These statistics, which focus on UK, Germany, Spain, Japan, France and America haves estimated that as the average life expectancy rises the dry eye cases will increase from around 195 million in 2012 to 249 million over the coming 10 years.

The prevalence of dry eye does increase with age. An estimated 15% of these cases are found in those people over the age of 65. Research has however found that gender and particular medical conditions along with modern conveniences can also play a part in a sufferer’s condition.

The production of oils in the body decreases as we get older hence reducing the tear production and also increasing the evaporation of tears. This results in dry eyes.

China is predicted to have the largest number of cases with the likely hood of India having the second highest cases.