David Cameron Welcomes UK Vision Strategy

David Cameron Welcomes UK Vision Strategy

Following the new UK Vision Strategy 2013-18, proposed this month in Westminster, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the new approaches that have been submitted as priorities when treating vision loss or impairment. The welcome from Downing Street comes at the same time that the Optical Confederation also showed support for the strategy.

So What Are The Main Points?

  • Guiding people to look after their eye sight and vision, making them believe that they can change and affect their quality of vision
  • Fast, effective treatment for conditions, so that issues are dealt with early and not allowed to develop
  • A feeling within society as a wider picture, that those who have suffered or are already suffering vision related problems are part of the fabric of the community

Mr Cameron was keen to acknowledge the challenges that the eye care sector faced, and also the impact any form of visual degradation can have on an individual. The Prime Minister also pointed out the continuing demands that the sector will find itself under as our population continues to age and live to longer life expectancies than ever before.

The OC were also vocal in their support not only for the new proposals, but also in the work that has already been carried out over the past 5 years since the original strategy was drawn up.