Dementia Care

There is concern that patients suffering dementia are being missed out for vision care. A Scottish charity that assist Alzheimer patients together with the Scottish branch of the RNIB are warning that vision loss could be passing undetected in people already coping with dementia which is a condition linked to cortical atrophy and vascular dementia.

It is estimated that many thousands of dementia patients in Scotland also suffer from problems with their vision because of either dementia itself or from issues with the normal aging process such as cataracts or even another medical condition such as a stroke.The problem with dementia, is that although eye health may present as being healthy, it can still effect someone perceives what they see as sight is experienced by our brains.The RNIB already work with stroke patients and patients with learning disability by performing home pre-examination tests to help detect undiagnosed vision loss.In some patients odd behavior can be a sign of loss of sight as they try to work with what sight they do have. Falling more or displaying signs of frustration or clumsiness are signs to be watchful for.Eye examinations will alleviate further confusion for a dementia patient who may already be experiencing the first signs of sight loss.